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Stamps and Embossers.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular uses?

  • Return Address - From bills to invitations, quickly, easily, beautifully let others know where to find you.

  • Book Plates - Whether you are lending your favorite Sue Grafton or Betty Crocker, make suer the borrower knows who the lender be.

  • Canning Labels & Cookie Exchanges - Many admire your canned peaches, stewed tomatoes and ginger snaps, make your mark and take credit where credit is due.

  • Personal Stationery - No matter your pocket book, from pauper to prince, placing your moniker atop a piece of fine stationery displays grace and good taste.

  • Wedding Accoutrements - A do-it-yourself wedding planner's dream: a way to save time and money! With the flick of a stamp or a press of the embosser, you can emblazon all sorts of wedding items with you and your betrothed's good name: favor tags, note cards, save the dates, napkins and oh so much more.

Can the fonts be changed on the stamps & embossers?

No, but that's the only thing that stays the same -- you can say whatever you want.

Do you offer additional ink colors?

Yes! Each stamp comes standard with a black ink cartridge, and you may purchase additional ink in either a single color or in our new Award-Winning 2-Color combinations. They are easy to replace, child-safe and each cartridge lasts for about 6 months. Click to see all the ink cartridge colors.

How do I change the Ink Cartridges?

Please click for detailed instructions on how to change the ink cartridges.

What is your turnaround time for personalized stamps & embossers?

We ship in 10 business days. Please add transit time (from our door to yours) to estimate arrival.

Are there character limits?

Yes. Stamps have a limit of 55 (outside - including spaces); we advise you stay within this limit (or the text will be very small or squished) -- about 50 on the outside looks the best. Embossers are limited to 50 on the outside and 12 on teh inside. Note: Stamps & Embossers will be made as submitted; we are not responsible for products over the limit. Fewer characters - larger, easier to read text!
Hint: Use abbreviations for the state & street names.

What are the limitations for embosser impressions?

You can easily emboss papers up to 28 lb text paper and envelopes. You will not be able to emboss note cards, cardstocks, invitations or other heavy stock items.  Note: We are not responsible for embossers used on anything other than paper. These are designed for personal use.

Do you sell replacement plates for the embossers?

Yes! We offer replacement dies for our embosser bodies. You can buy extra dies for sharing, alternate egos, monograms, addressing and such.

Can I submit custom artwork & logos for stamps & embossers?

Yes. A custom logo charge will be added to the order. Artwork must be 600 dpi, black & white (not grayscale, all parts of the images must either be 100% black or white) and in a PC file in these formats:  .jpg, .gif, eps.  Ask us for more information.

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